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Warning Signs of Hydrocodone Addiction

Hydrocodone addiction is a serious issue that occurs in those who abuse the drug. There are warnings that can allow you to see if you are becoming addicted to hydrocodone, but most people do not experience this unless they are abusing it. If you are taking more hydrocodone than you were prescribed or taking it without a prescription, you are already abusing the drug. Considering the possible warning signs of hydrocodone addiction can help you figure out whether or not you may be in trouble.


Someone who is not addicted to or abusing hydrocodone will not experience cravings for the drug. But if you do experience them, it is a warning sign of addiction. The NIDA states that “stressors can trigger drug craving in addicted humans,” but a person who is very addicted to hydrocodone may crave it even if they aren’t stressed.

Signs of cravings include:

  • Thinking about hydrocodone even when you are not doing it
  • Wanting to take hydrocdone all the time
  • Becoming upset, sad, or angry when you cannot take hydrocodone


hydrocodone abuse

Feeling dependent on hydrocodone is a sign of addiction.

If you build up a tolerance to hydrocdone and need stronger doses of the drug to feel its effects, it is not always a sign of hydrocdone addiction. However, those who feel their tolerance for the drug growing stronger may begin to abuse it. They must fight this urge and speak to their doctor about the issues they are experiencing with hydrocodone tolerance.

The NLM states that, if you begin to feel the effects of hydrocodone tolerance, you must “not increase your dose of medication on your own.” This can help you avoid hydrocodone abuse. However, if you are already abusing hydrocodone and if you are using your tolerance to justify your addiction, then you are likely already becoming addicted to the drug.

Signs of tolerance include:

  • Your original dosage does not produce the same effects as it once did
  • You feel as if you should be taking more hydrocodone every time
  • Your symptoms are not affected and your need for the drug is not fulfilled unless you take higher and higher doses

Strange Behavior

A strong warning sign of drug addiction is strange behavior. Many people who are addicted to opioids experience mood swings as a result of their addiction, feeling euphoric and calm one day and depressed the next. Other types of problematic, addiction-related behavior include:

  • Constant fighting with friends and family members over your drug use
  • Reckless behavior that you would not normally engage in because of your inability to make decisions while on hydrocodone
  • Dangerous behavior that you would not normally engage in because of your desire to obtain more hydrocdone
  • A decrease in your overall life satisfaction and concern for your responsibilities
  • A lack of interest in eating, showering, and taking care of yourself
  • The use of high doses of hydrocodone even when alone

Hydrocodone addiction has many telltale signs that people who has been abusing the drug for a while may recognize in themselves. If you do, you should seek treatment as soon as possible. Addiction is defined by the inability to stop taking a drug on your own, even if you know it isn’t good for you. If you are experiencing hydrocodone addiction, seek help today.