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Early Alcohol Addiction Symptoms

Alcohol addiction is a serious condition in which alcohol rules the life of the user making it difficult to quit regardless of his or her desire to do so. When an individual is suffering from alcoholism, physical dependence on alcohol is paired with a psychological desire to drink that makes the idea of quitting almost inconceivable. Early alcohol addiction symptoms are often overlooked despite the seriousness of this disease and the need to realize an addiction before serious consequences set in.


alcohol abuse symptoms

Having an extreme difficulty controlling alcohol intake is a sign of alcohol addiction.

According to Rethinking Drinking, alcohol often gets the user into situations in which injury or dangerous outcomes are likely. One of the early signs of an addiction to alcohol occurs when a user drinks and drives or takes part in another dangerous activity while under the influence. Despite injury or the risk of injury, the individual still chooses to drink.

Drinking More than Planned

People often drink more than they planned and this doesn’t necessarily make them addicted to alcohol; but when you drink more than you planned or intended to and this happens regularly, alcoholism may be to blame.

Preoccupied with Drinking

Are you focusing your time on drinking rather than focusing your time on responsibilities or relationships or other important matters? One of the most commonly overlooked signs of alcohol addiction occurs when an individual becomes preoccupied with drinking and focuses his or her time on that rather than on other activities.

Relationship Problems

Are you getting into fights with someone you love about your drinking? If a loved one asks you to quit and you drink more despite the relationship struggles then alcohol addiction may be to blame.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Do you feel sick when you don’t drink? Are you shaky, nauseous, moody or upset if alcohol is not available? Withdrawal symptoms are one of the earliest alcohol addiction symptoms to appear often coming up after a single night of drinking—we often overlook this as a “hangover.”


How many drinks does it take for you to feel drunk? Is that more than it used to be? Tolerance is another sure sign that you are developing a problem with alcohol and that addiction could be in your future if it’s not already to blame.

Lack of Interest

Alcohol addiction will often cause the individual to lose interest in the activities or elements of their life that used to be fun. If you’ve noticed that someone you care about would rather drink than do things that they used to enjoy, alcohol addiction is likely the culprit.

Can’t Quit

Alcohol addiction symptoms are often overlooked as a weakness or some other problem. Often times, users want to quit, and will even make promises to himself or to others to quit or at least cut back. Unfortunately, alcohol addiction makes it difficult to quit without professional help.