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Is Christian Addiction Recovery Right for Me?

When you realize that you or a loved one might have a problem with drugs or alcohol and feel that the next step is a recovery program, it is often hard to decide what kind of a program will be right for you. There are many kinds of drug treatment centers. Some take a more medical approach and others are structured around spiritual recovery. If you are Christian or you believe in a higher power, and feel that you have lost faith and want to get it back, you should consider a Christian Recovery Program.

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Spirituality and faith can guide you in recovery.

While most traditional drug and alcohol treatment centers use some form of the 12 Step program from Alcoholics Anonymous, Christian addiction recovery programs use a 12 Step program that is based on God and all activities are centered around Christ and are based on the principal that if your spiritual center has been knocked off course, that by rebuilding your relationship with God you can also start to rebuild your life and conquer your addiction.

Daily devotions and reflections and reading of bible scripture are incorporated into every day and play an important role in recovery. Counseling sessions are led by Christian therapists, many of whom have faced the road to recovery themselves. Group and individual counseling, is also important, as well as family counseling. Patients learn the reasons they turn to drugs or alcohol and find better ways to manage stress and emotions that cause them to turn to substance abuse in the first place. Residents share in responsibilities such as cooking and cleaning and are expected to pull their own weight.

With a combination of traditional drug rehabilitation and a spiritual approach to addiction recovery, a faith-based Christian Recovery Program can help those struggling with addiction find healing while supporting and strengthening their faith. For many, this combination leads to a better chance of long term recovery.

How Do I Choose a Christian Recovery Program?

According to NIDA, drug or alcohol treatment must address the whole person. When choosing a faith based recovery program it is crucial to choose a treatment center that is right for the person. You wouldn’t want to put someone into a program of a different spiritual faith as this could make them uncomfortable and interfere with recovery. There are also non-denominational recovery programs for people who are not yet sure of their religion or have become disillusioned with their own church or religious group. It is important to do your research in advance when choosing which program is right for you.

Christian Recovery Programs offer different types of programs for people of the same gender, programs that are age specific, peer based and mixed groups. One of the most important part of addiction recovery is not feeling isolated from loved ones and peers, so again, it is extremely important to investigate different types of treatment centers that are available and discuss options with your physician. You can also find information online to help guide you in the right direction.