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How Drug Addiction Recovery Will Change Your Life

Overcoming any type of addiction is a very difficult road. Whether it is you or a loved one that is embarking on this journey you should realize that this can and will change your life for the better. Although it is probably one of the most difficult and turbulent times in your life. You should be aware that there is an abundance of support and resources to assist you along the way- you are not alone! The changes you make now, albeit very difficult ones, will provide you benefits in the long run. A 2012 survey conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, found that only 1 percent of the 9 percent of Americans who needed treatment for drug addiction actually received that treatment.

Making the decision to go down the recovery path is not easy so congratulations on taking that first step! Taking this step is tough but you can do it, however you should think about some important factors to guide you through this.

Key impacts on your life


Addiction recovery allows people to rebuild their lives in a healthier and stronger way – without drugs and alcohol.

  • What are my triggers for drug use?
  • How will I deal with them when they come up?
  • Am I in the right environment to promote drug free living or does that need to change as well?
  • How do I improve my self-esteem and stay positive daily?
  • What will I do when I have too much down time?

The entire process of recovering will take some evaluation on your part- looking back and realizing what areas of your life you have affected and where you can make improvements. The drug use has most likely affected your family, friends, your career and your financial situation. You can now make adjustments and changes that will improve all of those with the right support and resources.

Important factors to focus on during this time

  • Constantly remind yourself why you haven chosen to quit!
  • Set goals and reward yourself each and every time you achieve that goal
  • Be sure to eliminate any reminders of your drug use from your home or any other areas that you frequent.
  • Proudly announce to all your family and friends that you are quitting and ask for their love and support through this time.

As you embark on this new and exciting journey on the road to recovery you will see some wonderful changes in your life. You will be improving your health, both physically and mentally, you will be mending any and all relationships that may have suffered along the way and you may even find that you have many talents that will help you in your career that you never even knew existed before. In the end, you will realize that you can live a productive and satisfying life without drugs!