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Oxycontin Street Names

Oxycontin is the most powerful brand of oxycodone products on the market. It is a controlled-release opioid narcotic prescribed to treat severe and chronic pain for up to 12 hours with each dose.

Acting on the central nervous system to reduce pain, Oxycontin, like heroin, produces a euphoric “high” from its powerful opioid properties. In fact, it is so much like heroin that “heroin” is often a part of its many street names.

Oxycontin Street Names

Oxycontin has made headlines since its release in 1996 as one of the most sought after drugs for abuse. It popularity and diversions to the street for sale have been pervasive across the nation and many names have been given to this drug.

Street names and slang terms are often used to disguise activities involving illicit drugs or to throw off recognition or investigations into their illegal use, sales, or distributions. The many street names for Oxycontin pills include:

oxycontin abuse

OxyContin is often called ‘oxy’ among other nicknames and slang names.

  • OC’s
  • Oxy’s
  • Hillbilly Heroin
  • White Collar Heroin
  • Poor Man’s Heroin
  • Cotton’s
  • Ox’s
  • Pills
  • Kickers
  • Orange County’s
  • O’s
  • OxyCotton’s
  • Killers
  • Rushbos
  • Beans
  • Oxy 80’s

Oxycontin Changes

Oxycontin was originally released in tablets of 10, 20, 40, 80 and 160mgs. By 2001, the 160mg tablets were eliminated from the market due to the marked increases in overdose and death occurrences related to its use. Formulations were manufactured to include a protective coating to deter the abuse, but, these coatings were easily bypassed by individuals wanting to crush and snort or inject the drug to release the full effects of the dose immediately.

In 2010, the new tamper resistant formulations were introduced and the pills now retain their extended release properties. Since it is longer feasible to use the drug other than orally, many opioid addicts have turned elsewhere for their “fixes”.

The Notoriety of Oxycontin

Because of the potency of Oxycontin and the alternative methods of abuse, addiction grew rapidly and the costs on the street skyrocketed. A single Oxycontin 80 mg pill may cost up to $100 in some areas of the United States.

An increasing number of pills mills have given rise to the many opioid diversions to the street and according to the 2013 National Drug Threat Assessment, by the Drug Enforcement Administration, “Opioid pain relievers are the most widely misused or abused controlled prescription drugs (CPDs) and are involved in most CPD-related overdose incidents.”

In the early 2000’s, as many were becoming heavily addicted to Oxycontin, pharmacies all over the nation began taking Oxycontin off of their shelves because robberies were occurring at alarming rates specifically to obtain these drugs.

With the elimination of the 160mg formulation, addicts were in a craze and could not get enough opioids to satisfy their dependencies although deaths from overdoses continued to increase. Since then, an unprecedented number of addicts have turned to heroin or methadone for their chronic addiction needs.