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Morphine Street Names

Morphine, an opioid medication that “is often used before or after surgery to alleviate severe pain,” is still a highly abused prescription medication to this day (ISATE). As an abused narcotic, morphine has its own street names which people use to refer to it in order to keep their drug abuse hidden. It may be important to know the street names for morphine, as you may hear them being discussed one day.

What is Morphine?

Morphine is actually one of the only opioid-based drugs that is naturally occurring in the poppy plant. ISATE states that it is “derived from the seeds of the opium poppy” and occurs naturally just like codeine and opium. Even though morphine is natural, it is still very dangerous. According to the NLM, the highest concentration of morphine as an oral medication “should only be taken by people who are tolerant (used to the effects of the medication) to opioid medications.”

According to the NIDA, morphine is usually “injected, swallowed, or smoked” by those hoping to abuse its effects.

Morphine Street Names

morphine abuse

When buying a drug on the streets people use slang or street names.

Morphine is a Schedule II substance, meaning that while it does have some medical use, it is extremely addictive and has a high abuse potential. If you ever hear someone using the street names for morphine, it may be a sign that they are abusing the drug.

Morphine street names include:

  • M– a shortened version of the name of the drug
  • Morph– another shortened version of the name of the drug; also a reference to many of the brand names for morphine including Infumorph and Oramorph
  • Miss Emma– a derivative of opium’s street name Aunti Em, which is a reference to the film The Wizard of Oz because it contained poppy fields that put the characters to sleep
  • Dreamer– a reference to the fact that the drug makes people sleepy and dreamy

Other street names for the drug include greys, monkey, and white stuff. While morphine does have a brand called Roxanol, the street name roxies usually refers to oxycodone and not morphine.

Which Street Names are Most Common?

It depends on where you are. People in different regions may use certain street names to refer to a substance, while the age of the speaker may also affect the terms they use. Morphine has many street names, some of which are a play on brands and others references to popular culture.

M is usually a common street name. If you hear it, you can be sure someone is discussing morphine. Because the drug is an opioid analgesic and a narcotic, people may call it painkillers, smack, or junk.

Why Should I Know the Street Names for Morphine?

Knowing the street names for morphine can help you determine whether or not someone is abusing the drug. Morphine abuse may not be as recreationally common as codeine or oxycodone abuse, so hearing these terms could be a tip-off. Still, you should consider the other signs of abuse along with hearing these terms to determine if someone is abusing morphine.

Being knowledgable about these terms can also help you protect yourself and others. You may even save someone’s life if you happen know what drug they are taking, especially if they overdose.