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Street Names for Crack

Crack is a potent form of cocaine that is usually smoked to produce an energetic high that lasts merely minutes. The name crack comes from the sound that the drug makes when heat is put to it—it makes a crackling noise that can be easily heard by the user. According to the DEA, crack cocaine can be smoked alone or on top of tobacco or marijuana. On the streets, many names for crack cocaine exist; these names allow users, drug dealers and others to discuss the drug secretively.

Street Names Based on Texture

Many of the street names for crack are derived from the texture, color, or feel of the drug. For instance, the name “rock” is used to describe crack because the drug resembles small pebbles once it has been broken into pieces. The names, “chalk” and “stones” are also used to describe the texture of the drug or the image of it. “Cookie,” another street name for crack, is commonly used to describe a large chunk of crack cocaine that has not yet been broken down into smaller, more affordable doses.

Street Names Based on the High

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Crack slang names refer to different aspects of the drug.

Some people prefer to refer to crack by the high or sensation that is felt when the drug is used. “Love,” and “fast,” are two names that commonly refer to the high that is felt when crack is smoked. “Love” is used because many people who smoke crack report falling instantly in love with the drug. “Fast” is used to describe both the rapid deployment of the high as well as the rapid decrease of the high that is felt.

Additional Street Names

Not all of the names used to openly talk about crack cocaine on the streets relate to its color, texture, size, or high; many of the street names cannot easily be pinpointed to one of these categories, but this doesn’t stop dealers and drug users alike from using them. Additional street names that are often used to describe crack cocaine include:

  • Base – a common reference to the chemical production of cocaine that has been mixed with baking soda and other chemicals to produce crack.
  • Blast – a reference possibly to the high.
  • Casper – a reference possibly to the user who tends to become paranoid and “hide out” while under the influence of crack.
  • Hardball – a reference possibly to the texture.
  • Moonrocks – another possible reference to the texture.
  • Tornado – a reference to the up and down high that is felt.