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Codeine Street Names

The more common codeine street names are used by codeine abusers and dealers who are hoping to discuss their illegal actions of buying, selling, and abusing codeine without anyone realizing it. If you know the street names for codeine, you can be aware if someone is discussing these possibilities.

Codeine Street Names

purple drank

Some codeine slang names refer to the codeine syrup’s purple color.

It does not necessarily mean that someone is abusing codeine if they are calling it by one of its street names. However, it is a strong sign of this possibility and especially if the individual is showing signs of codeine intoxication or abuse.

There are actually several types of codeine that are abused in different ways. First of all, codeine on its own is usually referred to as cody or captain cody. These street names are shortened versions of the name codeine meant to throw off others who might be listening. Schoolboy is another term for codeine alone. According to the NIDA, when codeine is abused in this way it is usually swallowed or injected.

Also, there are different terms for when codeine is mixed with gluthethimide, a hypnotic sedative that is used to treat insomnia. Codeine and gluthethimide together can be highly dangerous as both drugs bring out strong reactions from the other. The street names for these combinations are:

  • Doors and fours
  • Pancakes and syrup
  • Loads

Codeine is also often abused as a medication that contains Tylenol. When it is abused this way, individuals often refer to it by the number on the pill bottle that represents the strength of the codeine in the medication. People often refer to them as T (for Tylenol) and then the number, from one to four (ex. T-fours, T-threes).

Codeine in Cough Syrup

Recently, codeine abuse has been extremely popular with the use of cough syrup. This is now very popular among young codeine abusers who will often mix codeine cough syrup with soda and drink it. According to the NIDA, “They talk about leaning on syrup, because if you sip on it all day long it is like getting very drunk. And you literally have to lean on something to stand up.”

Some of the street names for codeine in cough syrup are:

  • Syrup
  • Drank
  • Purple drank
  • Lean
  • Sizzurp
  • Endo (short for Endotussin)
  • Tuss (short for Tussionex)
  • C-Plain (short for Corex Plain)
  • AC (short for Robitussin AC)

Of all the ways to abuse codeine, this is one of the most popular currently. Many individuals think they are safe from the issues caused by abusing codeine in other forms. However, codeine in cough syrup can be addictive and can create shallow breathing and severe respiratory depression to the point of death if a person takes too much (overdoses).

Codeine can be abused in many different ways and in several different medications. People who abuse codeine will likely try to hide what they are discussing by using street names and other terms. It is important to know these terms and to be aware of what is being said about them by friends, loved ones, and anyone you may come in contact with.