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Can You Really Have an Addiction to Video Games?

Video games and the devices that support them have infiltrated even the poorest of homes in America. They can be entertaining or educational, violent and sexual, and are even marketed to babies now. Some curriculum even has children playing video games to help them learn certain subjects. When we want to relax at home, we often turn to video games. There are special chairs and consoles and endless attachments that make the gaming systems competitive and fun and of course make their companies tons of money. There have been outcries of lack of physical fitness and links of obesity to too much gaming. The companies have answered with games that encourage young people to get up and move, and games that are based on movement. So there seems to be no end to gaming being in our lives, but how do we determine how much is too much?

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According to the NIDA for teens and addiction, scientists are not 100% convinced that you could claim there is an actual possibility for addiction to video games. They have looked closely at what deems something a risk for addiction and what the actual characteristics in addiction are, and compared them with symptoms being suffered by those who claim to be addicted to video games. There does seem to be a similar dopamine high that can be felt when excelling at video games, but there is also an apparent lack of withdrawal, especially physical anguish due to withdrawal.

Obviously picking which video games and how often you play them or allow your children to play them is a personal decision. The reason that there are so many games out there is because so many people differ in their preferences. No matter which games you choose, you should always be leery of any game that causes you to ignore daily responsibilities or that may alter your moods and behaviors. In these actions, we would see how the possibility for addiction to video games could be a consideration.

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video game addict

A video game addiction often causes people to ignore responsibilities and basic needs.

Special care and watchfulness is recommended if a video gamer:

  • Displays severe mood changes during or after playing
  • Ignores responsibilities that are essential to everyday life (eating, sleeping)
  • Withdrawals from friends and family and stresses relationships in order to play the game
  • Feels a “need” to play the game
  • Displays or expresses anger as a result of poor achievement in the game
  • Resorts to violence due to graphic material in a game

If you or a loved one feel that you are suffering from any of these common issues listed above, please seek help. Talking with a parent, teacher, or doctor about these concerns can help.