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Vicodin Street Names

Vocodin is a combination hydrocodone and acetaminophen pain reliever that has been around for many years. With a long history of effectiveness in pain management, Vicodin, along with its generic counterparts, remains one of the most prescribed opioid pain relievers in America.

Because of its long history, Vicodin has not only acquired several street names, but, also, many street slang terms to go along with the names based on behaviors, side effects, ingestion methods, and other issues surrounding its abuse.

History of Vicodin

Introduced in 1978 by the German pharmaceutical company, Knoll, Vicodin was classified as a Schedule III opioid by the DEA under the Controlled Substances Act. Hydocodone drugs have retained tremendous product loyalty from physicians who, until recently, have been able to call in prescription renewals to the pharmacy which has been a leading contributor to street diversions of Vicodin.

In August of 2014, according to the U.S Office of the Federal Register, the DEA issued a final rule to move all hydrocodone products to the Schedule II classification for opioids due to the high levels of abuse and overdose occurrences. The change was effective as of October 2014 which will place an unprecedented limit on the availability of these drugs for diversions to the street.

Vicodin Abuse

Like other opioid drugs, Vicodin produces euphoria, sedation, and relaxation. It does contain acetaminophen which enhances the pain relieving effects and reduces fever, but, has also been responsible for thousands of liver toxicity poisonings, second only to alcohol.

Abusers will often take high or frequent dosages of Vicodin and many have developed an addiction to opioids that keeps them using the drugs despite negative consequences. Vicodin is to be taken orally, but,some abusers ingest the drug by crushing and snorting, intravenously injecting the diluted substances, “parachuting” – crushing and wrapping in tissue to swallow, or mixing it with alcohol.

Vicodin Street Names

vicodin street names

Vicodin is often referred to in slang form.

Street names for Vicodin haven’t changed much and most people still refer to the pills by their direct name, Vicodin. Shortened versions of the name may include Vic’s, Vike’s, Hydro’s (for the hydrocodone content), Magnums or 357’s (because of the imprint M357 on some of the tablets.)

Vicodin Street Slang

Vicodin street slang continues to evolve as phrases, behaviors, or circumstances of Vicodin abuse are termed for recognition. Some common Vicodin street slang includes:

· Vicoshot – combining crushed Vicodin with a shot of vodka or other alcohol.

· Vico-colada – Mixture of alcohol and Vicodin.

· Vicodaniac – A person who takes a lot of Vicodin daily.

· Vicojay – Joint laces with Vicodin

· Vicodized – Vicodin induced state of drowsiness or fogginess.

· Vicopenia – State of being Vicodin deficient.