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Benefits of Shopping Addiction Support Groups

Support groups like Debtors Anonymous can have many benefits for those addicted to shopping. Also known as compulsive buying disorder, shopping addiction can cause an individual to rack up a severe amount of debt and continue taking out credit cards in order to buy things they don’t need. If these issues are similar to ones you have experienced, you may find help from a support group catered to the needs of shopping addicts.

Why Choose a Support Group?

shopping addiction support group

Joining a support group for your shopping addiction might be a wise decision.

Indiana University states, “If you feel out of control, you probably are.” In this case, you should seek some sort of treatment that will help you reign in your compulsive buying and avoid further issues as a result. There are many different options for shopping addiction treatment, but many individuals choose a support group because

  • They usually meet every day (including nights and weekends to give people who work a chance to attend) and in easy-to-find places like churches, libraries, and outreach facilities.
  • They follow a strict set of rules and guidelines but allow members to monitor their own progress.
  • They are not as intensive as inpatient treatment programs, and members are allowed to attend as many or as few meetings as they like.
  • They are free and can be attended for days, weeks, or years, depending on the individual’s needs. A person can always start going back as well if they need extra guidance at a certain point.

Support groups benefit many people who are past the point of needing more intensive treatment but still require help recovering and staying on the right path. In addition, they can also be attended as part of a full treatment program, even when someone is already going to an outpatient center or a professional therapist.

Meeting Others, Gaining Support

According to SAMHSA, “The process of recovery is supported through relationships and social networks.” This is true for both substance addiction and behavioral addictions. Many individuals receive support from their families, friends, and loved ones which allows them to find the strength to end negative behavior. However, it can be especially hard for someone who doesn’t have a strong support system to recover from an addiction, and even those who do sometimes have trouble explaining exactly how they feel to friends and family members who haven’t been through the condition themselves.

In a support group, you will meet others who have struggled with the same issues you have and who may share stories about ways they cope with their shopping addictions which could be beneficial to you. Just listening to and supporting one another can also be very important to the recovery of everyone involved and allows members to make a difference in each other’s lives. You can make a friend in a support group who can actually become extremely important you, something many individuals do not consider before attending and by which they are pleasantly surprised.

Consider the benefits of attending a shopping addiction support group before you start treatment. It may be a good alternative to formal therapy which can get expensive or even a free supplement to your regular treatment program.