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Benefits of Rehab in Percocet Addiction Recovery

Percocet addiction is a life crippling disease that can have a number of serious side effects if left untreated. The benefits of rehab in Percocet addiction recovery far outweigh the challenges associated with finding, affording, and sustaining the appropriate help to get sober. In fact, rehab is not only the first step but also the first choice in overcoming Percocet addiction and getting your life back on track.

Some of the benefits that you can expect to receive from rehab include:

Safe & Sober Living

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Rehab programs can provide the help and support you need to build the foundation of your recovery.

Studies have shown that, addiction is about more than simply becoming stabilized and moving forward from detox. Relapse rates are very high in those who do not receive counseling and therapy as part of an integral process of treatment for Percocet addiction. In rehab, you will have a safe place to live and focus on your recovery while you receive the full benefits of treatment which include:

  • Medical care
  • Counseling and therapy
  • Support
  • Education

Improved Recovery Rates

According to the Office on Drugs and Crime, research shows that patients who enter treatment and remain in treatment for a prolonged period of time have better outcomes than those who do not engage in treatment. Percocet addiction recovery is an ongoing challenge, but recovery itself begins with receiving professional help. Your chances of staying sober and overcoming this battle are greater if you seek the qualified help of a rehabilitation center.

Social Integration

Percocet addiction takes away much of the social elements that are found in everyday living making it difficult to adjust to living without the drug. Rehab will help you to reintegrate socially by focusing on the following goals:

  • Helping you to find work or to talk to your employer about returning to your job.
  • Working with your parole or probation officer to help reduce chances of incarceration if such is possible.
  • Working with the Department of Child Services to get families back together.
  • Helping you to work with others, build bonds and relationships that will flourish outside of treatment.

Relapse Prevention

In addition to the many benefits of rehab listed previously, relapse prevention is the primary foundation for most programs and will become your best friend in recovery. The techniques that you learn in the early phases of treatment, and throughout your counseling and therapy sessions, will help you to sustain sobriety long after you leave treatment. Percocet addiction recovery will be a lifelong challenge as you are consistently faced with urges, cravings or the possibility of relapse. However, through treatment you will learn ways to effectively cope with cravings and urges, how to deal with stress in a positive way and how to prevent relapse from plaguing your newly recovered life.