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Meth Addiction Warning Signs

Methamphetamine is a stimulant drug that is abused on the streets to produce euphoric effects and a high that includes increased energy, heightened mood and reduction of appetite. Meth addiction is a common side effect of methamphetamine abuse characterized by tolerance, withdrawal symptoms and a lack of control over drug use. Early recognition of the meth addiction warning signs can help loved ones and friends know when it’s time to seek help for someone in need.


meth addict

Not maintaining your physical appearance is a sign of meth abuse and addiction.

The first real sign that meth addiction may be entering into your life is the presence of tolerance. When a user requires more methamphetamine in order to feel euphoria or to feel any of the effects of the drug, a tolerance has already began to develop. Although tolerance is not a guarantee that there is an addiction, it is the first early sign that there is a growing problem with methamphetamine use.

Negative Consequences

Meth use will most often cause an array of consequences for the user but it’s these consequences that are enough to make most people decide to quit using meth. When addiction is to blame, negative consequences such as job loss, financial drain or relationship struggles are not enough to make the user come to the conclusion that he or she should quit. According to the Illinois Attorney General, addiction is a disease that is marked by this common characteristic of problematic issues that are simply not enough to cause the user to quit.


Addiction causes psychological and physical changes in the user that will lead to cravings when the drug is not available. The user will often have various psychological triggers that make it difficult to say “no” to the drug and which will even lead the user to seek the drug when they are not using or to wish they had the drug.


Excessive methamphetamine use will cause physical changes in the user that can result in withdrawal symptoms when the drug is not available. Because meth causes the user to stay awake for very long periods of time, once addiction sets in the user will often find it difficult to cope and to stay awake when they are not under the influence. Additional withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • mood swings
  • depression
  • fatigue
  • delirium

Lack of Appearance

One of the signs of meth addiction that others will often notice right away is the complete lack of appearance or lack of care for physical appearance that the user will have. Someone who was once well kept and took good care of himself will now avoid showering, may not have good hygiene, may have sores or lesions on the body and will often have rotting teeth as a result of the drug. “Meth mouth” is a common occurrence in people who suffer from meth addiction and the result of such is rotting teeth, bad breath and noticeable decay that appears in a short period of time.