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5 Tips for a Safe Meth Addiction Recovery

The use of methamphetamine, referred to by its street names such as meth, crank, ice, or crystal, has been afflicting society in the most awful ways. As a highly addictive central nervous system (CNS) stimulant, it produces similar effects as crack cocaine, but, may be considered more dangerous because of the toxic chemical contents.

Meth Addiction

Smoking, snorting, intravenously injecting.., no matter how you use meth, the negative effects reach far and wide. Meth produces a euphoric rush and rapidly stimulates the brain and other parts of the body. The high can last for hours and meth abusers often binge on the drug until their bodies wear out and they “crash”. Once the person gets addicted to meth, and this happens quickly, they will do about anything to get their next high” with little regard for themselves or others.

Meth Addiction Recovery

Most meth addicts have co-existing mental health disorders, physical impairments, or use other illicit drugs, making meth addiction recovery extremely complex. According to a report from the Drug Abuse Warning Network, in 2011, there were an estimated 102, 961 emergency department visits involving meth. Withdrawals from meth addiction can be dangerous because of the user’s deteriorated health and addicts can experience intense cravings and depression for weeks or months. More serious, are the suicidal ideations, and psychotic disorders that can erupt during this time, so, safety is important.

5 Tips for a Safe Meth Addiction Recovery

meth recovery

Building a support network will go a long way in helping your recovery.

1) Take care of yourself. Meth causes deterioration in the mind and body. It is important to get the proper hydration and fluids while your body heals and to seek medical treatment for other physical impairments and mental health issues.

2) Seek treatment. Meth addiction recovery takes time, but, due to the dangers that can occur as a result of meth addiction, the only way to safely detox is under the careful watch of physicians and others who know what to do. The treatment will help in maintaining abstinence and preventing relapse through behavioral therapies and counseling.

3) Build a support network. Engage support from family, friends, and others who want to you to succeed in your meth addiction recovery. Be open and let them help.

4) Stay busy and positive. By staying busy you will have less time to think about your meth use. Think positive thoughts about your healing, your goals, and relive good memories.

5) Join a 12 step group. It is important to connect with people who have a good understanding of what you may be going through and can provide resources and feedback as support. Listening to the negative experiences of others will help to keep you focused on your intent to recover.