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Cocaine Street Names

Cocaine is extracted from the leaves of the coca bush to produce a powerful stimulant that causes euphoric effects. Over the years, many cocaine street names have been developed by users and drug dealers to allow for open discussion in front of those who are unaware of the drug or the drug use. If you’re not aware of the many street names for cocaine, chances are someone has already had an open conversation about the drug right next to you and you didn’t even know it.

Street Names for Coke


Cocaine goes by a number of street names.

Probably the most commonly known street name for cocaine is the shortened version of the word, “coke.” This name is used all over the world by users, dealers, police officers and the like to discuss cocaine. According to the University of California, additional street name that apply to cocaine include:

  • Dust
  • Flakes
  • White powder
  • Powder
  • Nose candy
  • Rocket fuel
  • Snow
  • White
  • White boy
  • Blow

Street Names for Crack

Cocaine, though generally a powdery white substance, can be cooked with other harmful toxins and rendered back to a hard, rock like form. When the drug is cooked and hardened, it is generally called “crack.” This form of cocaine is then smoked to produce a more prolific rush that is much shorter lived. Cocaine street names that directly refer to crack cocaine include:

  • Freebase
  • Hard
  • Rock
  • Base
  • Cookie
  • Mighty White

Slang for Cocaine Use

On the streets, there is no limit to the number of slang terms and words that users can come up with to openly discuss cocaine, crack and the use of the drug. Some of the terms that you may hear openly used to discuss the high that is achieved when abusing cocaine include:

  • Basin
  • Freeloading
  • High Rolling
  • Speedballing
  • Snowballing
  • Soaring
  • Flying High

Why Know Cocaine Street Names?

If you’re a parent or caregiver especially, it’s important to know the many street names for cocaine. A lack of knowledge of such lingo that could be openly used in your household may allow your children, teens or loved ones to openly be discussing cocaine use in front of you—that’s just one reason why it’s so important to know. By having the knowledge and information at your fingertips, you may be able to stop a potential problem in its tracks.

Likewise, illicit conversations could be taking place around you, and if you are unaware of the street names and lingo that may be used to discuss drugs such as cocaine, you could be in danger without even realizing it. As such, it’s very important to know the various street names for cocaine and to be alert and aware of your surroundings.